Ace of Hearts doesn’t have a lot of rules, but for those that we do have, we ask that you respect and follow them!

  1. Enter a name and a working email address that you have access to! This is required because otherwise, we can’t verify your membership, you can’t change any info, and I can’t list you. For your name, please avoid using names that are from the fandom, e.g. Minako Aino, Kaitou Ace, Sailor Venus, etc.. Also, please avoid using excessive strings of special characters, like ! & * or numbers. Also, don’t use any swear words of any kind.
  2. If you provide a link to a website, journal, or similar, please make sure you link back to Ace of Hearts first! As soon as we get your application form, we’ll check any links you’ve provided, and if we don’t see a list of Joined or Fan of… including AoH, we’ll remove the link from your AoH profile. You’ll still be a member, but your website won’t be listed.
  3. Enter your real country that you’re from/live in currently! It’s how we sort out our members, so please be honest and help us represent a diversified fanlisting!
  4. If you donate a code (button, linkban), please make sure it fits the standard sizes (e.g. 88×31, 50×50, 100×50, and so on) and is tasteful. It must also be Sailor V and/or Kaitou Ace-related– no images from another fandom. You may use fanart so long as you indicate that a) you made the fanart yourself and can provide a link to where it is originally hosted or b) you have permission from the original artist, again, in which case, you must also provide a link to where the original art is hosted.